Protect yourself and your inbox with these easy steps.

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You depend on your phone, keep it secure with easy steps.

  1. Combine upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters to make your passwords complex.

  2. Don't store passwords, personal information or important documents on your phone.

  3. Keep your phone updated and always install firmware updates.

  4. Turn it off when not in use.

  5. Order apps from reputable stores, vendors, or only use your phone provider app store.

  6. Never download an app sent from another phone.

  7. Always use your cell phone provider for internet access and to check e-mail.

  8. Don't stay signed in to your e-mail account; always sign out.

  9. Keep your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location turned off when not in use.

  10. See Bank Mutual’s Public Wi-Fi Network Security Tips for more information on how to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi hot spots.

  11. Use mobile security software on your phone when possible.

  12. Back up the data on your phone regularly.

  13. If your phone is infected with a ransomware virus, don’t pay to get your phone unlocked. Contact your provider to remove the virus.

  14. If you believe your phone is infected with malware, contact your service provider or the company that made your phone.