If a deal seems 'too good to be true,' it might just be.

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Refinancing and loan modifications are helpful programs - make sure they're legitimate.

If you’re looking for foreclosure prevention help, avoid any business that:

  • Collects a fee before providing you with any services.

  • Guarantees to stop the foreclosure process – no matter what your circumstances.

  • Instructs you not to contact your lender, lawyer, or credit or housing counselor.

  • Accepts payment only by cashier’s check or wire transfer.

  • Encourages you to lease your home so you can buy it back over time.

  • Tells you to make your mortgage payments directly to it, rather than your lender.

  • Tells you to transfer your property deed or title to it.

  • Offers to buy your house for cash at a fixed price that is not set by the housing market at the time of sale.

  • Offers to fill out paperwork for you.

  • Pressures you to sign paperwork you haven’t had a chance to read thoroughly or that you don’t understand.

  • If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage or you have gotten a foreclosure notice, contact your lender immediately.

If you think you’ve been a victim of foreclosure fraud, contact:

To learn more about mortgages and other credit-related issues, visit the Credit Section of FTC and My Money, the U.S. government's portal to financial education.