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Paying your bills has never been easier, faster or more secure.

As part of online banking and available with all Bank Mutual checking accounts, online BillPay saves time and adds convenience. With BillPay, you have complete control over who to pay, when to pay them and when the money will come out of your account.

  • Pay anyone in the U.S., from your gym membership, to utility bills, to your babysitter

  • Receive your bills online with eBills, and get reminders when bills are ready to be viewed or when a payment is due

  • Set up automatic payments and schedule payments ahead of time

  • Organize your bills for easier budgeting and recordkeeping

  • Easily access your bill payment history- search by date, payee and payment status

Learn more about online Bill Pay and what it can do for you, check out this quick video in our Education Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you use BillPay, you set the date to make the payment. That is the day the funds will come out of your account.

In many cases, your payments are made electronically by the bank for you. You will find that many standard payees are already set up in the system for these digital payments. For payees that are not already in the system (such as your babysitter), the bank will mail a paper check for you.

  • Gather your bills, including account numbers

  • For payees not in the BillPay database, you will also need the payment mailing address

  • Log in to online banking

  • Select your checking account from the Accounts tab

  • Select online BillPay view demo

  • Verify your email address

  • Confirm your account details

  • Verify your identity

  • Pay your bills

Not sure how to communicate this, but a bill pay can be made to anyone, even the paperboy. So if you do not want to use PopMoney®, a paper check can be sent to any biller.