Deposit checks from anywhere, anytime.

We understand our customers may not have time to visit us every time they have a check to deposit, which is why Bank Mutual offers Mobile Deposit so you can deposit checks from your smartphone or tablet!

All you need to use Mobile Check Deposit is:

  • A Bank Mutual checking account

  • An Apple® or Android™ device with a camera (including tablets) and the Bank Mutual Mobile Banking App

How to Use Mobile Check Deposit:

  1. Simply log into your Mobile Banking App.

  2. On your Menu Bar, you will see a new Icon labeled "Deposits". Click on the "Deposits" Icon to be taken to the Mobile Deposit Screen.

  3. Next you will have the option to either make a "New Deposit" or "View Deposit History". Select "New Deposit" to deposit a check. Select "View Deposit History" if you would like to review previously deposited checks made via Mobile Banking.

  4. Once you selected "New Deposit", you will select the account you would like the deposit to be made as well as the amount of the check deposited. Once the amount is entered, click "Continue".

  5. You will now be asked to use your phone's camera to "Capture" both the front and back of your check. Please remember to endorse your check first and you will have a chance to review the photo before submitting. Make sure the image is clear and contains all four corners of your check.

  6. Finally, you will be asked to review and Confirm your deposit. If you wish to proceed with your deposit, simply click "Yes" for processing.

We suggest that you hold on to your original check until the funds have cleared your account. If you have any questions regarding a deposited item, please contact Customer Care by calling 1-800-261-6888.