Are you ready? Imagine home ownership.

Qualify for a mortgage with help from co-borrowers or extended households

HomeReady mortgage allows co-borrowers who don't live in the same home to be included on the mortgage, such as parents or others who want to help. And, extended family or other household members' income can help you quality--even if they aren't on the mortgage.

Down Payments as low as 3%

Ideal for home buyers with limited savings, and the down payment and closing costs can be paid from other sources other than your own funds.

Savings over the life of the loan

With private mortgage insurance that may cost less over time--may be eligible to be canceled once 20% home equity is reached, unlike mortgage insurance on government-insured loans.

Homeownership Education to set you up for success

Convenient online education prepares you to buy and own a home for the long run.

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*Income limits may apply.
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