EMV chip technology is the latest innovation in electronic card payment, providing a new level of security against card fraud.  Today, this innovation is used around the world and provides added benefits including:

  • Convenience. EMV Chip-enabled cards are now the standard with U.S. and international merchants, so you'll have access to your funds everywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

  • Safety. Your EMV card includes an encrypted microchip that makes it difficult for your card data to be copied or counterfeited.  When using a chip-enabled terminal, simply insert your card and leave it there while you follow the prompts on the terminal.  In addition to being safer than carrying cash, your new card comes with Zero Liability protection1 against unauthorized purchases so you pay only for the purchases you authorized on your card.  You also get 24/7 lost or stolen card replacement.

  • Benefits. Use your chip-enabled card confidently knowing that it comes with protection such as Identity Theft Resolution Services, Extended Warranty, Price Protection and Satisfaction Guarantee.2

Your card also has the magnetic stripe on the back to ensure continued acceptance by merchants that do not yet have chip-enabled terminals.

1. See for details
2. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply.  See for details.