Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending


Our team of commercial lending professionals takes the time to get to know you and your business so that we can provide a customized financing solution that will meet your needs.

We focus on developing long-term relationships with our customers so that we can help you achieve all of your goals whether that is through our Commercial Lending products, Treasury Management services, Interest Rate Management tools, or Private Banking services.

At Bank Mutual we focus on supporting our commercial clients with all of their financial needs whether that includes revolving or term lending, acquisition financing, or with complex syndicated structures. We have the professionals with the expertise that will listen to your needs and find the financing solution for you.

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  • Northeast WI: 920-437-7101
  • Northwest WI & MN: 715-838-7667

Whether you want to manage day-to-day cash flow needs, purchase inventory, or take advantage of vendor discounts by having access to cash, Bank Mutual can offer revolving lines of credit that provide you with the cash flow flexibility you are looking for.

Bank Mutual can offer a term loan that will help you invest in new equipment, provide permanent working capital, add inventory, or finance the expansion your business needs.  At Bank Mutual our dedicated team of professionals will customize the best deal for you.

A letter of credit provides your trading partner with a guarantee that they will get paid as long as certain delivery conditions have been met.  In the event that the buyer is unable to make payment on the purchase, the bank’s credit will be used to cover the full or remaining amount of the purchase as long as all terms within the letter of credit have been met.

At Bank Mutual we have a range of letter of credit options that we would be happy to discuss with you.

Whether the company is asset-heavy or asset-light, Bank Mutual can offer you financing solutions that are largely based upon the quality and strength of the business’ cash flow now and in the future.  If you are looking to acquire a business we can provide you the expertise and capital to help you achieve your acquisition aspirations.

We have expertise among many industries including food and beverage, healthcare, business services, marketing and media, retail, technology, industrial products, and manufacturing.