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Our team of highly experienced professionals is committed to finding a customized solution that will help you achieve your risk management objectives.

Bank Mutual can offer you interest rate and currency hedging solutions and will guide you through each step of the process to help effectively manage your exposure.

Interest Rate Management

If you are looking to hedge your business against rising interest rates and reduce borrowing costs, Bank Mutual has interest rate management products available for you.  Our specialists will strategize with you and your team to determine the appropriate level of floating-rate vs. fixed rate debt for your business.

Interest Rate Management Products 

  • Interest rate swaps

  • Cancellable interest rate swaps

  • Interest rate caps, floors, collars

Currency Management

We can help you plan and provide you with the tools to protect you against currency fluctuations. At Bank Mutual we have experience working with a broad spectrum of businesses including corporations, real estate developers, and asset managers.

Hedging Products

  • Swaps

  • Options

  • Forwards

Product Suite

  • Wires
  • Cash Letters
  • Drafts
  • Collections