Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Bank Mutual?

If you are interested in exploring a career in banking or financial services, click on an area of interest below and read why our employees are excited about their work and why joining our team might be just what you are looking for as you navigate your career path.

Hear directly from our employees about why they enjoy their careers at Bank Mutual:

Teller/Customer Service Representative (CSR)

I am responsible for providing high quality customer service to our customers while conducting their banking transactions. I also help customers with their questions and educate them on the Bank’s products and services to ensure that they are getting the most value from their banking relationship with us.

Some of the skills necessary to be successful in a Teller/CSR position are customer service and organizational skills, excellent communication skills, and basic math knowledge and cash handling. 

When I come to work each day, I expect to do deposits, transfers, money orders, and a variety of other banking transactions, but all the different people who come in to conduct these transactions keep my job interesting. 

Working at Bank Mutual is meaningful to me because you build a lot of strong relationships with not only customers but with the people you work with on a day-to-day basis. 

Assistant Bank Office Manager

As an Assistant Bank Office Manager, I am responsible for:

  • Overseeing the Teller/CSR staff, which includes coaching, training and answering questions

  • Ensuring all policies and procedures are followed at our bank office

  • Working a Teller window assisting our customers with their banking needs

In addition to customer service, computer and math skills, an Assistant Bank Office Manager needs to be an open-minded, positive person in order to be a positive role model for the Teller/CSR staff.

The most meaningful part of my job is the relationships that are built with the customers. I also really enjoy the challenges every day brings and the variety of job duties. I look forward to always learning new things and it’s rewarding to help a Teller/CSR learn something new to achieve their goals.

Bank Mutual has great people, great benefits, and helpful tools for learning how to succeed.

Personal Banker

As a Personal Banker, I establish and maintain customer relationships by providing superior customer service focused on the specific needs of each banking customer. My job is to assist customers find the best products and services to benefit their lifestyle. I open checking, savings and IRA accounts, take loan applications and educate my customers in their retirement and investment decisions. I am a problem solver for our customers.

A good banker enjoys working with people to help them succeed and stays current on new products and services in order to always provide customers the right information and best solutions.

Getting to know our customers and their families is fun and interesting. Knowing I am a person customers come to and trust with their financial needs is very rewarding. They tell their families, friends and coworkers to come to Bank Mutual for their banking needs. I am regarded by my customers as dependable and trustworthy. 

I would recommend working at the Bank to others because of the advancement opportunities that are available for employees to work towards. I enjoy working as part of a team which works together to do what is in the best interest of the customer.

Mortgage Underwriter

What makes my job interesting is that every day it's something new. Our Mortgage Loan Officers tell us each borrower’s unique story so we can make the best decision based on all the information collected.

Attention to detail and a solid understanding of lending guidelines are important to being a successful Mortgage Underwriter. I value what I've learned from the management team and my coworkers. We learn from each other every day.

The ultimate goal in my day is to help others make their dreams come true. It makes me happy to know I had a small part in helping customers achieve their dreams to either own their first home or utilize their equity for college or wedding expenses. I like being part of a team that works together to obtain a common goal.

Mortgage Loan Officer

A typical day of a Mortgage Loan Officer could consist of counseling new clients on steps of home ownership, explaining the local market for home trends, or offering tips on what could be improved once they find a home. I spend a significant amount of time building relationships with builders, realtors, and the community. It is all worth it when you see the customer smiling with the keys to their new home.

To be a successful Mortgage Loan Officer, I need to be proficient in all forms of communication and possess time management skills. I care about our customers and put in the time and effort to listen to their needs, identify obstacles, and overcome them. I earn trust and do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. Sales skills are a definitely a requirement in this job.

The best part of my job is seeing how much home ownership means to each customer. After weeks of work, a closing takes place and the customer moves into their new home. Years later, I see photos of the customer’s children in their first home during Christmas or vacation home memories. These are the highlights of life milestones and I was able to help make it happen.

I have been with the company for over 19 years, and would not want to be anywhere else. I have grown in my position and know that help and support is only a phone call or email away. There is mutual respect within our team. All the hard work over the years has helped define who I am.

I would recommend working at the Bank because we have a great team that encourages us all to learn more and become successful. We have a great team environment with our branch partners, who support us and create a positive environment to grow and continue the circle of referrals.

Operations Support

In an Operations Support position, a normal day consists of reviewing reports, maintaining customer files, and helping bank office staff assist their customers (our top priority!). I look forward to helping the bank offices so they can provide great service to our customers. With each day comes completely different situations and by working in teams we can better serve our internal and external customers.

The variety of questions the bank office staff has makes this position very interesting. Bank personnel have their own questions about procedures plus they often ask questions directly from the customer. The world of banking is constantly evolving. There is something new to learn every single day. Working behind the scenes helps me have a great understanding of finances which is very useful in life.

It's meaningful to me to work for a company that has employed the same people for decades at a time. The fact that dozens of people have worked at the Bank for decades speaks volumes about the culture within Bank Mutual. It makes me feel good to work for a company that treats its employees well year after year.

I would recommend working at the Bank to others because I feel there is a real sense of camaraderie within the organization. This feeling of community makes me want to do the best job I can for my peers, our customers and the Bank. Also, we have a very strong base having been in business for over 120 years. Many of our customers have banked with us their entire lives. I am proud to tell others where I work.

Call Center Agent/Customer Care

I answer a variety of different calls throughout the day. I take calls from the bank offices along with the customers and even field questions from other departments. What I look forward to each day is a new challenge and improving my skill set with each and every interaction. Customer care can be a challenge but it is rewarding to me that I can assist both internal and external customers.

I would recommend Bank Mutual to others as we offer a great benefit package and the employees are recognized for their accomplishments. I have been to many functions throughout the years and love the interaction that we have as a company. We offer a lot of different positions and we are continuously improving to better the Bank and to provide better service to our customers.

Accounting Assistant

In my role as an Accounting Assistant, my day is spent processing incoming and outgoing wires.

This work sounds simple, but processing wires transfers is a meticulous process. Concentration and accuracy are very important. Since I am also looking at wires for fraud, I need to think bigger than the information presented and be willing to ask questions and dig deeper.

My job is interesting because every day offers something different. I personally enjoy the meticulous nature of this type of work. I love sharing the tricks I have learned to help my colleagues and interacting with so many people.

The confidence and respect my manager has for my work makes working at the Bank meaningful. It is also rewarding when a customer or colleague remembers the help I’ve given in the past and reaches out to me with questions.

I would recommend working at the Bank because the departments and offices are small enough so you can get to know everyone and be a part of a small group. This interaction allows for a sense of being part of something bigger, the Bank as a whole.

Credit Analyst

As a Credit Analyst, I am responsible for reviewing commercial loan applications for new credit and renewals, participation loans, and criticized credits. During the day I analyze financial statements including: tax returns, audited financials, compiled financials, company prepared financials, collateral, covenants, A/P & A/R aging schedules, and credit reports to identify strengths and weaknesses pertaining to a borrower’s financial position. I prepare loan presentations that address the borrower’s trends, cash flow, credit risks, financial ratios, collateral, and industry risks. I also attend regular customer meetings to receive business updates and work closely with lenders to discuss and clarify loan requests, obtain additional information, and interpret loan policy.

Attention to details, strong written and oral communication skills, knowledge of various industries and trends affecting those industries are important skills in becoming a Credit Analyst. Natural curiosity to find out why a company or industry is performing in a certain way is important in being successful, as well as being self-motivated to get quality work done in a timely fashion.

Each borrower and credit is unique, which makes the job interesting. I look forward to analyzing financial data and converting it into a loan presentation that allows Bank management to make an informed decision about the credit request. I enjoy having the opportunity to meet with owners of various companies and learn how their businesses operate.

I find meaning in using my financial analysis skills to create a strong loan presentation, which helps grow the Bank’s commercial loan portfolio. The opportunity for exposure to the executive leadership team and a positive work environment are important to me, as well as maintaining a proper work/home balance.

I would recommend working for the Bank because I feel the management team cares deeply about the success of each employee and helps employees work towards their personal goals. Since the decision tree is smaller, the result is quicker feedback, which allows us to serve our customers in a timely manner.

Internal Auditor

There are three main qualities a good auditor must have: attention to detail, strong written and verbal communication abilities, and the ability to multi-task. The vast majority of our work involves reviewing data that requires the ability to pay attention to the smallest aspects of details. Once we have performed our reviews and audits, we must be able to communicate findings both verbal and written to the appropriate parties. Additionally, auditing work is being performed for multiple projects at the same time, all of which have various due dates.

What makes the job of an Internal Auditor interesting is the complexity of the work and exposure to all aspects of the Bank. There are a wide array of topics that we must research and be able to review among many different departments within the organization all while dealing with multiple levels of individuals within these departments, from tellers all the way to Senior Vice Presidents.

Internal Audit work is meaningful because of the people you work with on a daily basis and the knowledge that the work you perform helps to keep the Bank operating properly. We look forward to the feeling of accomplishment once an audit report has been submitted to management, and knowing the time and effort put into the product was all worth it.

I would recommend working at the Bank because there is a vision and insight that makes the Bank an exciting place to work and grow.

Regional Sales Manager for Mutual Financial Group

On a typical day, I’m working with bankers and consultants to train them on products we offer, uncovering sales opportunities, understanding complex investment planning, and developing training materials and strategies on how to increase sales.

Good communication skills are critical in this position. I often make physical visits to offices to motivate and train staff. Organization is a key skill and being able to successfully juggle many different tasks at the same time. Of course, having a good understanding of stock and bond markets, as well as investment products is important. I also create development plans for all of the annuity agents.

I enjoy coming up with new ideas. It makes the job interesting. I work on creating innovative training for employees on new products, financial situations or how to identify sales opportunities. Every day is a new challenge.

I find meaning in being part of building our program. Building relationships with the bank office team and seeing their talents mature and grow so that we all make our goals is very rewarding.

The size of Mutual Financial Group is an advantage. We have the power of large programs in our product line, but we are small enough to know you personally. I like being able to use my strengths to perform my job and we have great leadership.

Financial Consultant for Mutual Financial Group

In my daily work, I travel to bank offices in my territory and talk with our bankers on how to identify referrals and learn what the bankers need from me to support them in their efforts. I also meet with prospective clients to understand their financial goals and develop an investment strategy consistent with these goals. It is very gratifying when I finish a client meeting and they say that they understand their finances better.

In the role of a Financial Consultant, you need excellent skills in problem solving and in order to understand the true needs of the clients and to provide solutions. People skills are important in interacting with bankers and clients in a way that builds feelings of trust and communicates a deep understanding of the markets and financial products.

Finding individual solutions for clients makes the job interesting. What is right for one client might be completely wrong for the next. I like the idea of creating Cinderella’s slipper where a solution fits only one individual client. I enjoy working as a specialist within the bank office team structure and having a variety of work environments versus going to the same office every day.