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Simplify your day with Paperless Banking from Bank Mutual

Why choose Paperless Business Banking?

Simplify your work

It seems like everyone has a stack of papers on their desk that never disappears. Wouldn't you like to cut down that clutter? We have several services that can help you simplify your workload:

  • For advanced Treasury Management options, sign up for Business Edge Online, our online banking service.

  • Use a Bank Mutual CheckCard instead of carrying checks.

  • Keep your accounts at Bank Mutual and initiate transfers in Business Edge Online.

Protect Your Business.

Banking by phone or online provides you with a secure way to check your balances, transactions, and account history. Having this 24/7 account access means that you can also regularly monitor your account to verify your transactions. For your added safety, our Business Edge Online and Business Bill Pay use multi-factor authentication. All of our online applications also have heightened security measures.

Lessen Your Impact on the Environment

All of our Paperless Banking services take the place of traditional paper products, whether they are checks, applications, or forms. Do something for yourself and the environment by taking advantage of our paperless options.