Work with a strong banking partner to take an SBA Loan farther.


Why choose a SBA Loan for your business?

To best utilize all that the SBA has to offer, you’ll want to work with a strong banking partner. Bank Mutual is locally-based and partners with businesses in the communities we serve to help them grow and thrive. We work with the SBA on a regular basis and can manage the entire process for you, so you can concentrate on what’s most important−your business.

To get started, we work with you to determine your needs. Only then do we recommend a solution that’s best.

Lending options through the SBA may include:

  • SBA Express Loan Program: provides working capital to small businesses at smaller levels.

  • SBA 7a Loans: provides working capital to businesses at larger levels.

  • SBA 504 Debenture Loans: provides funding primarily for real estate purchases.

SBA programs are best utilized when a small business owner partners with their banker and the SBA itself. Call your bank manager today to get started.