Tips for the Best Tailgate Party

Posted by Jessica Akright on Jul 21, 2016 05:00:00 AM

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Family and friends at a tailgate party

There are not many parties that can compare to a great tailgate party in Wisconsin. From cheering on the Brewers in the summer heat to welcoming home the Packers at a snowy Lambeau Field, planning a great tailgate feast will make cheering on the home team even better.  

Here are our best tips for making your next tailgate party the best ever:

  • Don’t discount the grill and your grillables. Even a simple brat and burger menu can fall short if you don’t plan appropriately. Know how many people will be attending your party and plan accordingly. Shop local and keep an eye out for meat specials a few weeks in advance. Ask your guests to contribute to the party. In Wisconsin, BYOM (bring your own meat) is a common request, but only if you plan to provide most of the other tailgating necessities.  

  • Bring games. You may be tailgating in advance of the big game, but bringing your own games will help make the tail gate experience even more fun. Typical games include ladder toss, washers, and Frisbee, but the list goes on. Pick one or two games and you’re set for a great few hours.

  • Don’t forget the essentials. It is easy to get wrapped up in all the party planning details and forget some of the key players. Pack your plates, napkins, plastic cups, and other necessities early. Forgetting any of these may ruin the entire tailgate experience.

  • Seating is everything. This could be considered a necessity, but your seating arrangements could make or break your tailgate party. Don’t forget your folding chairs. I repeat, don’t forget your folding chairs! Have you ever seen anyone eat a plate of delicious tailgate food, comfortably, standing up? I didn’t think so.

  • Ice, ice baby. You cooler is probably your number one priority. During a tailgate party keeping your guests’ thirst quenched should always on your mind. By labeling your cooler, you can save yourself, and everyone else, the hassle of wandering around the set-up looking for drinks.

  • Keep it simple. Decorations aren’t necessary, but you can maximize your team spirit by purchasing plates and napkins in your team colors. Shop local or check your local wholesaler for great deals.

  • Seasonal necessities. When tailgating, whether in the summer of winter, it’s important to pack your seasonal essentials. In the winter that may include your coveralls and hand warmers. But in the summer, you’ll want to remember your sunscreen and baseball (or other) cap.   

  • Preparation is always key. Prep what you can in advance. Pack all non-refrigerated items the night before to avoid the morning rush of getting everything together. Plates, napkins, and other items can be packed away and ready so you’re focused on getting the food, condiments, and beverages ready to go.

  • Have fun and make friends with your neighbors! Make sure to have fun and get to know your neighbors. Chances are you’ll forget the toothpicks, or another item that makes you feel like an inferior hostess. Knowing your neighbors can help make this crisis less dramatic and get you back to having fun.

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