ProcessNow®: Meeting the POS Needs of Small Business

Posted by Beth Duff on Feb 18, 2016 06:00:00 AM

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Managing a small business efficiently and profitably is challenging, and a recent study reveals that choosing the right point-of-sale system can help. And while choosing one may seem complicated, keeping a few critical requirements in mind will help in the search to find the right system for your operation.

According to Software AdviceTM, a software applications review and research firm, 64 percent of single-store retailers still don’t have a POS system in place. The reasons are varied, but it’s likely that many non-adaptors aren’t aware that today’s options deliver features that go well beyond simply processing transactions.

Software Advice recommends five must-have POS features that can streamline the management of your store, making your life easier and leading to more positive customer experiences. They are:

1. Sales Reporting and Analytics means capturing and analyzing sales data so you can automatically track what’s selling and what’s not as well as how much revenue each product is bringing in, enabling you to drive sales to your top moneymakers.

2. Customer Management focuses on increasing the number of high-quality customers doing business with you. By collecting data on your customers’ purchase histories, you can identify your most valuable shoppers and cater to them.

3. Employee Management covers shift scheduling, time clocks, how much money they’re bringing in and monitoring the number of hours they’re working, all of which helps to reduce overhead while providing your workers with easy access to their schedules.

4. Inventory Management helps to eliminate inefficiencies like manual counts and searching for a specific item, and is a great tool for retaining customers who don’t want to be disappointed when looking for a particular item.

5. Point-of-Sale software and hardware that automates the checkout process — including barcode scanning and receipt printing — reduces the potential for human error, speeds up the transaction and enhances the experience for your customers.

ProcessNow® from TransFirst® delivers a POS system that’s designed to grow with your business. With ProcessNow Mobile and ProcessNow Register, you can accept payments anywhere with in-store solutions, mobile payments and more for businesses of every size and type.

These app-based merchant solutions provide the tools you need to run your business, freeing you up to focus on improving and expanding your operation. Important ProcessNow features include:

  • Quick reconciliation of credit, debit, cash and checks

  • Acceptance of all major payment cards

  • Management of all transactions, products, devices and employees with a single login

  • Synchronization of information on multiple devices

  • Analytical reporting tailored to your business

  • Easy inventory entry

  • Easy tip entry at time of sale

  • Print or email customer receipts

  • Barcode scanning for increased efficiency

Enjoy the flexibility of using ProcessNow Register and ProcessNow Mobile separately or in tandem. For example, use Register as your main POS and business management solution, adding Mobile on one or more mini-tablets to expand your reach. Save time and effort by managing all your payment information through one account on TransFirst’s online payment management and gateway system.

Flexible and portable, ProcessNow combines the power of apps and mobile devices with state-of-the-art hardware that’s built to last; live, 24/7, U.S.-based support; available next-day funding; industry-leading data security technology and the expertise of leading integration and mobile processing experts.

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