Mortgage Application Checklist

Posted by Bank Mutual on Jun 20, 2016 05:00:00 AM

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Husband and wife applying for a mortgage

Gathering all of the documents to complete your mortgage application may seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created the following checklist to help you get organized and simplify the process:

Income Verification

  • W-2 forms for the previous two years.

  • Current pay stubs or advices covering the previous 30 days with year-to-date earnings.

  • Signed personal (and business, if applicable) federal tax returns for the previous two years (include all schedules).

Asset Verification

  • Complete checking and savings account statements for the previous two months (If you’re printing an online statement, please make sure it includes your name.).

  • Complete retirement and/or investment account statements for the previous two months or past quarter.

Miscellaneous Documents

  • Purchasing a new home? Please provide signed copies (by all involved parties) of the accepted offer to purchase contract and all addendums and counter offers.

  • Renting? Please provide your landlord’s name, complete address, and email address or phone number.

  • Current homeowner? Please provide your homeowners insurance statement with your agent’s name and phone number and your most recent property tax bill (subject property).

  • Own other property? Please provide your most recent tax bills, homeowners insurance statement, proof of mortgage payments, association dues, and current leases (if applicable).

  • Own a condo? Please provide documentation of your Condominium Homeowners Association dues and contact information.

  • Retired? You’ll need to provide proof of income for the most recent two years (Social Security, pension, etc.).

  • Recently divorced? Please provide your Divorce Decree and settlement agreement.

  • Child support agreement (if applicable).

  • Trust documentation (if applicable).

Start Your Mortgage Application!

Please note: An application fee is required after the Loan Estimate has been delivered and the “Intent to Proceed” has been acknowledged. This nonrefundable fee will be credited toward your closing costs at the time of closing. We offer convenient payment options, including check, debit card, credit card, and account transfer.