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Posted by Beth Duff on May 19, 2016 05:00:00 AM

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When it was launched in 2010, Apple’s iPad® was marketed to consumers primarily as a platform for audio-visual media. It didn’t take long, however, for business users to latch onto the tablet. In its short span of existence, a number of iPad small business applications have emerged, including some that turn it into a portable terminal for credit card processing.

The key to iPad’s appeal as a credit card processing option is its portability. Merchants who do business outside the four walls of traditional retail can use an iPad to accept credit cards wherever their business takes them — outdoor markets, concerts, farmers markets, crafts fairs, sporting events and on service calls, to name just a few scenarios. They can also use the tablet as an in-store line buster during their busiest seasons.

The iPad conveniently features a larger screen than a smartphone and is easier to tote around than a laptop — both big pluses when it comes to mobile credit card processing. Additionally, it is more budget friendly than some credit card terminals while delivering more bang for the buck because it enables you to do more than just process payments on it.

ProcessNow® Mobile and ProcessNow Register from TransFirst® use free downloadable apps to transform your iPad miniTM (Mobile solution) and iPad 2/3/4 or iPad Air® (Register solution) into credit card processors, allowing you to securely accept major credit cards as well as signature debit cards wherever and whenever you want. (The Mobile app is also available for the Google Nexus 7TM tablet, and iPhone® or AndroidTM smartphones, and there’s a Register app for use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 tablet.)

Other important ProcessNow features include the ability to add on gratuities, view transaction histories, email or print customer receipts, easy inventory control and available next-day funding. ProcessNow also offers analytical reporting tailored to your business and synchronization across multiple devices.

If your business requires the versatility offered by mobile processing, and you’re ready to adopt new technology to expand your customer base and your bottom line, look into tablet and smartphone credit card processing with ProcessNow from TransFirst and Bank Mutual as a way to reach those goals.

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