Pillars of a buidling

Bank Mutual Corporation and its directors, officers and employees are committed to high standards of business ethics and to sound corporate governance practices.

Our Vision Statement describes our corporate mission, including the responsibilities to our shareholders, our customers and our communities. Our Code of Ethics and related Code of Conduct provide further information on how we and our associates expect to meet those responsibilities in an ethical and honest matter. For copies of the texts of those documents, please select the appropriate link(s) above in this paragraph.

Bank Mutual Corporation and its board of directors have adopted policies and practices to help assure sound and effective board conduct and to set forth other aspects of corporate governance. Our practices are intended to help us respect and provide value to our shareholders and to help assure that we manage the company in compliance with all applicable corporate and securities laws and regulations, and the requirements of the Nasdaq® Stock Market.

There are various corporate documents which help describe how we carry certain of those corporate governance practices into effect, which you can obtain by the following links:

Board of Directors and Committee Information

Charter Documents