Our debit cards pay up to 1% cash-back.

Bank Mutual is teaming up with CardCash™ to give you up to 1% cash-back on your debit card purchases.1 Yes, you read that right. We’re offering cash-back to use your debit card for everyday purchases. We are the only bank in the State offering this type of deal and best of all — it’s free!

Register today to start earning up to 1% cash-back. Here’s how to earn cash-back from Bank Mutual:

  1. Register online at www.cardcash.us/bankmutual or visit your local bank office and register in person.
  2. Use your debit card for your everyday purchases.
  3. Meet a low monthly minimum spend of $700 in qualified non-PIN debit card purchases each month to start earning.
  4. Press “credit” to get it — Unlimited cash-back per year!
    - 1.00% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $700.01 – $1,000.00
    - 0.50% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,000.01 – $1,500.00
    - 0.25% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,500.01 and higher
  5. Track your earnings with a CardCash™ monthly eStatement; just provide your email address.

Just think of how many times you could press "credit" to get cash-back!

1Terms and conditions apply. Visit www.cardcash.us/bankmutual for details.
To contact CardCash™ call (615) 864-7520 or email support@cardcash.us.